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Professional Blackhead Remover Dermasuction Machine Battery Operated With 4 Noz

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Introducing Bronson Professional DermaSuction Blackhead Remover that is designed to gently remove blackheads and dirt from pores on your face without squeezing! It uses a powerful, yet gentle vacuum that extracts impurities and blackheads from your pores. It comes with two different power settings and has 4 interchangeable suction heads for the perfect extraction. Reveal your beautiful skin! When you’re done, simply rinse the dirty suction head under water. It is suitable for all types of skin and improves the texture with regular use. If you have blackhead trouble, we recommend to use 2 times a week.


Includes 1 dermasuction & 4 suction heads: small, large, oval & sonic head:
Oval Head: Smooths areas with fine lines and stimulates circulation in skin
Small head that helps unclog pores and reduces blemishes (good for sensitive skin)
Large head ensure deep cleaning of pores with strong suction to massage large areas of the body (torso, arms, legs, & back)
Sonic head gently loosens and exfoliate dead skin
High suction: 2 step adjustable suction strength, effectively sucks out the blackhead and dirt, gives a better effect if used post skin toning
Easily eliminate clogged pores
Ensures painless blackhead remover
Waterproof suction head
Easy to clean just rinse the dirty suction head
Great to use on face, arms, and legs
2 AA batteries required to operate this machine. Batteries not included in this product
Face scrub or other facial exfoliating creams are forbidden after skin care
Product has strong lifting power. Please do not force the replaceable head.
Important Note: Does not contain Batteries. This product is non-returnable. 1-month warranty from the date of purchase. In case of a warranty issue, please reach out to customercare.bronson@gmail.com. Personal care products have varied results depending on hair/skin types and usage. The brand does not take any responsibility if the desired results are not obtained.

3 reviews for Professional Blackhead Remover Dermasuction Machine Battery Operated With 4 Noz

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    Best product ever

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    too good..

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